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Dr. Kori Mortenson graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN in November of 1998 and opened his chiropractic office in Shakopee in November of 1999.  In 2008, he sold his practice in Shakopee to start a practice in Minneapolis.

Dr. Kori offers a variety of gentle chiropractic techniques to suit the individual needs of each practice member from newborns, to seniors, and every age in between!  Dr. Kori also enjoys working with new moms and moms-to-be, to support them thru the many changes they experience in their body throughout pregnancy.

Dr. Kori firmly believes in the body’s ability to heal itself.  Unfortunately, in this day and age our bodies are constantly bombarded with stress (physical, chemical, and emotional/mental).

“Our nerve system takes in these various stresses and processes the information accordingly.  Normally, it has no problem doing this and health is maintained.  However, when there is too much stress at a given time (a fall, a car accident, a divorce, the loss of a loved one) or too much prolonged stress, the nerve system gets overloaded.”

“Instead of having a complete ‘melt-down’, the body creates subluxations in the spine, which decrease the information that is sent thru the nerve system (like the breaker system in your house, the breaker clicks off and shuts down power to the overloaded circuits in your electrical system until they can be repaired).  Subluxations create nerve interference.  When subluxations (nerve interference) occur, the brain and body cannot communicate fully and human potential is reduced.

Dr. Kori finds and aids in the correction of these areas of nerve interference, to remove nerve irritation and allow for better communication between the brain and the body.  When the body is able to process stress more efficiently, health is maintained and the body thrives.

Mission Statement

I am committed to serving the true health care needs of the families in my community.

It is my wish to remove those subluxations that interfere with a body’s ability to function at its highest potential.  A healthier nerve system thru chiropractic care will lead to healthier, happier, more productive practice members, which in turn will lead to a healthier, happier community.  It is my goal to improve lives thru lifetime chiropractic care.  When we act locally, we can have global effects!

I encourage my practice members to educate their loved ones about the power of chiropractic care and to make chiropractic care an important part of their family’s healthcare system.


“"I have had problems with ear pain and fullness and within four sessions my ears felt better - no pain - no fullness. Chiropractic is GREAT!!"”

Kari W, Ear problems

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