Answers to recent practice member questions

Posted June 30, 2011 @ 11:52pm | by Kori Mortenson

Answers to recent practice member questions

I've gotten the same questions from a number of people so I thought I'd post my response for the benefit of everyone.

Why don't you take x-rays or do an exam with all those tests like my former chiropractor?

I don't take x-rays because my technique, Advanced Muscle Palpation, is not x-ray dependent.  The fact is, if you put an x-ray up infront of me on a view box I couldn't tell you if the person was alive or dead unless you told me.  My technique reads where your body is trying to pull the vertebrae back into alignment.  I assist your body in the correction of the misalignment allowing your nerve system to function harmoniously.  As for all the tests that other chiropractors may do, they don't tell me where a subluxation (misalignment) is.  Since my job is to find the subluxation and aid in its removal and not to diagnose or treat any disease or condition those other tests are of no use to me.

Why don't you ask me how I feel or where I hurt when I come in to the office?

The only time I talk about symptoms is on the first visit.  People come in to the chiropractor for a cornucopia of reasons.  On the first visit you have the opportunity to tell me all about them.  After that I tell you what I do, which remove interference to your nerve system.  You may have symptoms because of a lot of factors.  Nerve interference may or may not be the cause of your symptoms but the fact remains - If you have nerve interference you ARE NOT functioning at your best and you ARE BETTER OFF WITH OUT THAT INTERFERENCE.  I hope you know that I do deeply care about you and how you feel, however, it doesn't help me to know where you hurt to find and correct subluxation.  That is why I don't ask on a visit by visit basis.

Am I better today?

If you needed to be adjusted there was room for improvement.  Since I do check after the adjustment to make sure that correction took place - when you leave the office I know for certain that you are better than when you stepped foot in the office.

Why do I keep getting these subluxations?

Subluxations are caused by everyday life stresses.  These stresses come in three forms physical, chemical, and emotional.  I know of no one, myself included, that doesn't have these stresses on a daily basis in one form or another.  It is not just the presence of the stressor but how your body adapts and handles stress that will determine how often you get subluxations.  I've found that getting checked at least once a week is a good way to make sure that the nerve system is operating on all cylinders.  If you are an 8-cylinder car you don't want to be only firing on 7-cylinders even though you can not percieve the difference.  You want to be functioning at 100% - that's what chiropractic does for you.

What exercises can I do to help?  (exercise can be replaced with nutrition, etc.)

I don't council people on exercise or nutrition because we are all unique people.  What will be beneficial for one person is going to be terrible for the next person and vice versa.  I run around 50 miles a week if I recommeded that everyone do what I do it is certainly going to cause problems for a lot of people.  It works for me.  My recommendation is to listen to your body.  It will and is telling you what it needs.

If you have other questions, email me and I'll post my response on the blog.


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