Consistency: The Most Underrated Key to Healing

Posted February 3, 2016 @ 6:06pm | by Kori Mortenson

Everyone is always looking for the fresh new trend in health. This is especially true when it comes to alternative health. People are always in search for the one perfect solution for health and fitness. Whether it's the perfect diet, the perfect exercise plan, or the perfect doctor.

The more people that I take care of, the most important key to success in any endeavor is consistency. Doing a couple things well all the time is a way better scenario than doing something once perfectly.

This applies to diet, to exercise, and even to chiropractic. The people that eat well consistently will lose weight. The people that exercise consistently will gain muscle and strength. The people that come in consistently for their adjustments get the best long term outcomes.

It's not sexy, and it's not going to earn a great infomercial or best selling book, but I promise that is the most effective health advice you will ever receive.

As the high from New Year goals wears off, consistency is the secret ingredient that will ensure your success!

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