Cruising Altitude

Posted November 30, 2010 @ 3:03pm | by Kori Mortenson

"United 475 Heavy, you're cleared for take off on 32 left."

Soon after your pilot receives a message like this, you'll start down the runway.  In a few moments, you'll be going fast enough to cause the low pressure above the wing, created by its unique shape, to lift the plane into the air.

To create the speed necessary to produce lift requires an enormous expenditure of energy.  Large quantities of fuel are burned during the first 20 minutes of your flight, when your pilot is guiding the plane in its initial ascent.  Once the proper "cruising" altitude is reached, it takes hardly any fuel at all to maintain the appropriate speed.

Just like chiropractic care.

At the beginning, lots of energy is used.  The visits are frequent.  The goal is to create sufficient momentum to reverse the unhealthy spinal pattern that has prompted a visit to our office.

Then, as symptoms subside, it usually takes fewer visits to maintain the progress and start retraining the spine for more lasting change.

Now that they are feeling better, this is when many practice members bail.

And since they're on the ground, not in the stratosphere, it's easy to do.  Which predisposes them to a relapse.

Which again, requires massive amounts of fuel.  Which again, gets them to a comfortable cruising altitude.  Which prompts them to discontinue their care.  Which...

Well, you get the idea.

Conserve your energy.  Stay well with regular chiropractic checkups so you don't have to keep burning lots of energy getting well.

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