Do You Know a Complainer?

Posted April 4, 2011 @ 10:12am | by Kori Mortenson

A common refrain we hear from people is that they know someone who complains about their health but won't take any action.  These people often respond well to chiropractic care, but the suggestion to try chiropractic is rebuffed.  And the complaining continues...

People may choose to complain instead of accepting chiropractic care for one of these reasons:

Fear:  Trying something that doesn't involve medication can be a stretch for some.  Ask, and I can supply you with information that explains chiropractic to reduce their fear.  Or invite them to come along on your next visit so they can see for themselves.

Ignorance:  With little knowledge of chiropractic, many see it as merely a treatment for the spine.  But because the focus of chiropractic care is the integrity of the nerve system (which controls everything), many other health issues resolve as well.  Ask for a handout that shows the relationship among the spine, nerve system and all tissues of the body.

You may need to make the call to arrange an appointment for them.  If they're not interested, consider getting a good set of headphones!

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