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Posted May 28, 2010 @ 3:08pm | by Kori Mortenson

I've had a number of questions come up recently regarding how I practice - here are a few of them.

Do I need to have x-rays before I come in or before I get adjusted?

No.  I don't take x-rays and I don't refer out for x-rays.  Since I'm not treating any medical conditions and I'm not looking for any medical conditions, I have no need an x-ray.  Subluxations aren't visible on x-rays anyway.  If you'd like to rule out a medical condition then I recommend that you seek the opinion of a medical doctor who could take x-rays.

Is there an added fee for the first visit?

No.  My per visit fee is $20, that includes the first visit.  I also have discounted packages for 1 visit/wk or unlimited visits/month.  Both of these are paid on a monthly basis.

Do you take credit/debit cards?

Currently, I do not.  I've been looking into adding it for an added convenience.  I do accept cash and checks - and I wouldn't rule out barter.

Do you adjust kids?

YES!  I love adjusting kids and they love getting adjusted - after they get used to someone touching their spine.

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