Health Benefits of Tango

Posted February 5, 2012 @ 11:17pm | by Kori Mortenson

Health Benefits of Tango

Tango is good for your health.  The health benefits of tango seems to be a hot topic of the last few years.  Here are some benefits of tango for your health

Increasing muscle tone

Improving the shape of your spinal cord

Enhances balance, stability and flexibility

Reduces stress and anxiety

Builds self-confidence

Helps in socializing

These benefits are particulary important for seniors.  A study by McKinley and his colleagues from McGill University, Canada shows that tango might result in greater improvement than walking in balance skills in older adults.  Tango also helps in self-confidence in this population.  Their results are preliminary due to the small sample size (n=30).

Studies also report benefits of tango on patients with Parkinson's disease (Hackney and his colleagues, 2009)

I think the combination of tango and chiropractic would be even better.  Since the nerve system controls and coordinates all processes in your body including balance.  It is vitally important to keep it functioning at it's best.

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