How often should you and your family get your spines checked?

Posted March 6, 2016 @ 7:40pm | by Kori Mortenson

Over the course of my 16+ years in practice, I often see practice members who, while new to our office, have been under chiropractic care with other chiropractors for months, years, or decades!

Just as there are many different techniques and practice styles in this great profession, there are many opinions on how regularly one should have their spine checked. Let me explain the science behind my recommendation of no less than once weekly spinal checks for you and your family.

Dr. Ogi Ressel is an international lecturer, a pediatric and x-ray specialist, researcher and clinician. He recently wrote an article to chiropractors around the world on this very subject. According to Ressel, "Many chiropractors often schedule patients for a once-a-month maintenance adjustment based on the idea that monthly maintenance adjustments will help prevent and alleviate many problems. In reality, monthly adjustments are promoted because most chiropractors feel that this is the visit frequency that most people will 'buy into' as a preventative measure."

Dr. Ressel confronts the chiropractic profession with this reality - "In essence, when most chiropractors place patients on a monthly maintenance schedule, they are simply maintaining their problems, but their symptoms are gone! That is the reality."

Here is Dr. Ressel's reasoning:

1. First of all, research done by Tapio Vidman, M.D., D.M.Sci., (a researcher in the University of Alberta's faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine), tells us that a subluxation, once formed, will cause an inescapable degeneration progression if it is allowed to remain for more than 10-15 days (published in Clinical Biomechanics 1987). This means that a monthly maintenance visit will absolutely ensure that your patients will get worse over time. Other research on subluxation degeneration, states that microscopic degenerative changes to the hyaline cartilage which surrounds your spinal joints can begin to occur forty-eight hours of the occurrence of a subluxation!

2. According to Dr. Ressel, "Most doctors do not see their patients on an appropriate schedule of care in order to be able to really correct their subluxation pattern, and is a pattern. It is a neurological habit the body becomes accustomed to, and it most often starts in children."

"Patients need to be placed on a schedule of care that will actually cause their subluxation pattern to be broken. The correction of subluxation patterning is most important in children."

If you are serious about working with me to see that you and your family function as best you can, under any circumstances (regardless of the presence or absence of pain and symptoms), a weekly spinal check is critical.

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