Innate Intelligence

Posted April 25, 2011 @ 10:08am | by Kori Mortenson

...Natural Born Wisdom, Internal Power

These all refer to the same thing, but what do they really mean?  Simply put, there is an intelligence inside each of us that defines who we are and guides every action we take.  This intelligence is with us from the  moment we are conceived to the last breath we take, coordinating all functions relating to our physiology via the nerve system.  It gathers, stores and interprets all life events faster than any computer imaginable.  It creates order out of chaos and gives meaning to our thoughts and feelings.

We know that the seasons come and go, the sun will rise each day, and flowers will bloom (this may or may not be dependent upon how green your thumb is).  There is an intelligence that orchestrates these natural phenomena with striking and unique precision.  This same intelligence resides inside each one of us, regulating all life processes.  Consider the functions of circulation, respiration, digestion... all done with amazing perfection so that we do not have to think about them.  A red blood cell lives up to 120 days and in that time it transports oxygen to every part of your body.  Imagine the combination of functions necessary to transform a crawling baby into a walking toddler.  These events are not possible without some kind of intelligent guidance.

B.J. Palmer (developer of chiropractic) once said, "With Innate we are alive, without Innate we are dead.  With only a portion of Innate at work, we are sick.  With all of Innate at work, we are well.  Innate is the beginning, source, cause, the only cause; all that follows is incidental."

There are many choices you can make to enhance your health and well being.  However, the most direct route to a healthy life is to remove any obstacles that will compromise how efficiently and effectively your nerve system performs.  Innate Intelligence operates best when free from subluxations.  An unsubluxated life is a powerful life.

The switch is turned on, the current begins to flow and the power to accomplish becomes a reality.

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