Just exactly what conditions or diseases can a chiropractor cure?

Posted April 5, 2016 @ 9:13pm | by Kori Mortenson

Well really a chiropractor can't cure anything. The question should be re-phrased to say, "Exactly what conditions or diseases can be caused totally or in part by vertebral subluxation." And, as we said eariler a vertebral subluxation interferes with virtually every function of the body, so it can be a contributory cause of virtually any sickness or condition. Every vertebral subluxation is extremely serious. This is why when this was recognized over 100 years ago the profession of chiropractic was formed for the sole purpose of addressing and bringing about the correction of these vertebral subluxations that can not only cause disease conditions, but many other malfucntions in the human body as well or imperfections of performance.

Thanks to Reggie Gold, DC for this article

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