Sweet Potato Casserole

Posted January 1, 2012 @ 11:10pm | by Kori Mortenson

Sweet Potato Casserole


3c sweet potatoes, cooked and mashed

1c sugar

2 eggs beaten

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 c butter

1/3 c milk

1 c light brown sugar

1/3 c melted butter

1/2 c flour

1 c chopped pecans


Combine first 6 ingredients and mix well.  Pour into buttered baking dish.  Mix last 4 ingredients and sprinkle on top.  Bake at 350o for ~30 min or until brown on top.


Make the night before you'll need it and put in the fridge so topping stays firm while baking instead of sinking into potatoes.

Boil potatoes with skins on, just run under cold water when cooked and skins should just slip off.

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