Tango Transformation

Posted February 5, 2012 @ 10:42pm | by Kori Mortenson

Tango Transformation

A year ago this month I made a life changing decision.  Before I get to that, I've got to back up a little bit.  I can't recall what compelled me to, but on July 8, 2010 I bought a package of dance classes from the Social Dance Studio.  It was my birthday - easy on the mid-life crisis wise-cracks! :)  It probably stems from a long held belief that I had the perverbial two-left feet, but that first class was throughly enjoyable.  It was on waltz and foxtrot.  They are cool dances but not all that applicable in everyday life.  I quickly transitioned to salsa classes.  I liked them and I went salsa dancing at a few venues around town.  After around six months of going to salsa classes, I decided to try the other dance discipline I had an interest in - Argentine tango.

I searched on-line for local classes which would fit into my schedule and found out that the University of Minnesota had a tango club that community members could attend.  I was very nervous going to the first class... would I be the oldest person in it?  I wasn't by far.  The first class was very basic - learning how to walk in front of someone, basically.  The instructor Eric Li, who's been dancing tango for around nine years, interjected some humor into his teaching which made it a lot of fun.  I will always remember the end of one of the first classes when Katie Thompson, then President of the UTango club, was talking about how tango gets under your skin... you get addicted to it.  At the time I thought she was crazy!

Over the last year, I've taken tango classes at least once a week from three different tango instructors, sometimes as many as three classes a week.  I get regular individual tango lessons.  I frequently go out on Friday and/or Saturday night for milongas (tango social dances).  I've been to two weekend tango workshops by visiting tango instructors.  I joined the Tango 5400 crew, who organize one milonga a month.  I've started DJing at the Tango 5400 events.  I've met a TON of awesome and super friendly people.

A year later, and I think - damn Katie, you were right!  Now the only question is, when am I going to Buenos Aries?

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