The Curse of the Deaf Tuba Player

Posted May 4, 2010 @ 4:53pm | by Kori Mortenson

Your brain and nerve system orchestrates the workings of your entire body.  With clear communication between your brain and all the pieces of the orchestra that make up your body, the beautiful music we know as "life" is produced.  But many people have a problem with their tuba player!

For some it could be their thyroid.  Or their gall bladder.  Or their stomach.  Or their lower back.  Or whatever.

Their tuba player can't see the conductor or hear what the orchestra is playing!  That often causes one of two things.  The tuba player sits quietly doing little, or goes overboard with scales and riffs inappropriate with what the orchestra is playing.

The medical approach would be to surgically remove the tuba player or chemically suppress the off-key notes.  The chiropractic approach is to restore the connection between the tuba player and the conductor.  Naturally, that involves locating and correcting interference to the controlling commands that travel the nerve system.

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