The Three Truths

Posted August 2, 2015 @ 3:59pm | by Kori Mortenson

We must consider these truths to better understand chiropractic care and why you are here.

1. The human body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism. It consists of a vitalistic organizational intelligence that directs and coordinates healing and regulates everything.

2. The nerve system is the master control system for the body.

If we can agree that the above two statements are true, then this third statement must also be true.

3. If you interfere with the nerve system function, you will then necessarily interfere with the ability for the body to heal and self regulate.

For example, if you were to cut one of the nerves going to your heart, what do you think would be the outcome? Would it make the heart function better or worse? Answer: worse

Now, if I apply a constant stress/pressure to that same nerve, what do you think might happen? Would the heart function better or worse? Right again, worse.

It only takes 10 (mmHg) millimeters of mercury pressure to shut down a nerve's ability to function by up to 80%. That is slightly less than the weight of a dime.

Now that you know these three truths, you can see why it is so incredibly important to remove all possible stress from the system? The chiropractic adjustment does just that, it removes interference (subluxations) from the nerve system, which allows the body to function at closer to 100% of its full potential.

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