What are the top 5 things Dr Kori does on his journey toward optimum performance?

Posted March 26, 2011 @ 11:52am | by Kori Mortenson

What are the top 5 things Dr Kori does on his journey toward optimum performance?

1. Restful sleep.  I'm not the greatest on this one.  Lately I've been taking short naps during the day which help my late night working.

2. Exercises 6+ times a week (6 days of running - cardio, 2-3 sessions of dancing salsa or tango - great for balance and coordination).  He challenges himself by training for and competing in numerous road races throughout the year but mainly exercises because it feels good.  Biking, tennis, rock-climbing, kayaking, and yoga are other activities I like doing but are not done as regularly. (alright, I'll admit that running as much as I do probably isn't good for me but it's what I like to do and because of all the other postive things I'm doing, I think they minimize the detrimental effects running is causing)

3. A Positive Mental Attitude: Has a great group of friends whom he gets together with regularly.  Regularly writes in a Gratitude Journal and consciously tries to focus on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative.  Routinely sets goals - wandering aimlessly without any sort of plan is the path to frustration and failure.

4. Healthy Foods: Attempts to cook healthy meals with organic or locally grown products and minimizing processed and fast foods.  I also attempt to drink more water - often mixed with espresso (I'm not perfect).

5. Gets his spine checked for subluxations each week.  Maintaining a sound nerve system will enhance all of the other things you do to create health in your life.

What difference does it make to eat well if your stomach is only functioning at 75% because the nerves that power it are being shorted out by a misalignment where those nerves travel?

How much will exercise really help you if you are exercising with vertebrae out of alignment?

How effectively can you work on your goals and positive attitude if you have a headache every week caused by a misalignment in your neck that is causing nerve pressure?

What we must realize is that the body is like a race car - it needs to be tuned so it can perform better and last longer.

5+. Disconnects from major media outlets as much as possible.  Keeping away from the nightly news and newspaper headlines which promote the doom and gloom in society leading to life lived in fear.

5++.  Regularly receives massage, shiatsu and acupuncture


What are you doing consistantly to actively increase your health and vitality and that of your family?

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