Vertebral Subluxation IS NOT Synonymous with Symptoms

Posted May 16, 2011 @ 11:41am | by Kori Mortenson

Science has shown that the function of the nerve system plays an important role in balanced body chemistry and physiology.  It controls your ability to think, act, and maintain health.  When there is interference to the way your nerve system functions, it prevents your body from performing as efficiently as it was designed to perform.

Having a nerve system that is working properly is essential to health in general.  Without a working nerve system you cannot live.  Without it working properly, you cannot be healthy.  You cannot even receive the maximum benefit from good nutrition, exercise and rest unless your body has a good nerve supply.  Interference to the function of your nerve systm prevents your body from working and performing up to its maximum potential by altering body chemistry which regulates every aspect of daily life.  The chiropractic objective in this office is to improve the function of your nerve system by helping to remove interference caused by vertebral subluxations (bones of the spine that are misaligned).

When you have a vertebral subluxation, the function of your nerve system is interfered with.  This causes your body cells to make the wrong amounts of chemicals causing chemical balance to be lost and altering or diminishing your performance.  Our objective is to remove the subuxation so your nerve system regains proper control of your body in order for all your cells to work in harmony to restore chemical balance and improve your performance in all areas of your life.

Subluxations are not associated with pain or other symptoms in the early stage.  It is for this reason alone, that you should have your spine checked regularly - even when you feel good.  Your chances of maximizing your health potential are increased by receiving regular chiropractic care.  With a good nerve supply and a body that is working properly, allowing your chemistry to be balanced as much as possible, enhanced performance and better health are the benefits you and your family can receive.

That's why regular spinal check-ups are necessary.

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