Water in the Desert

Posted December 8, 2016 @ 9:48am | by Kori Mortenson

If you were walking through the desert for days with your family suffering from dehydration and heat exhaustion and you found clean life saving water, would you not share and make sure they drink? Would you let them suffer from dehydration and possibly die of thirst, while you had your fill of water?

I would like to think that most people would share the water.

Likewise I would hope that most people would share the amazing benefits and life improving possibilities that chiropractic can provide for their loved ones and friends. Thankfully, this has been my experience so far in practice.

Sometimes it may take sharing a bit more information with them and addressing any fears and objections they may have. Be patient, do your best in explaining as much as you can, and feel free to let me support and help you in any way I can. Always remember that knowledge is the antidote to fear.

If they hate their family and friends and are hoping they suffer a lifetime of poor health, decreased life potential, and that they die sooner than they should have… well then there’s nothing anyone of us can do. However, if they truly care about their family and friends, they’ll eventually make sure they are under regular care. Keep up the great work and before you know it they’ll be thanking you for getting them started on the path to improved health and optimized life potential.

by Stamatis Tsamoutalidis, DC

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