Why Adjust My Infant?

Posted January 31, 2016 @ 2:31pm | by Kori Mortenson

Many people are unaware of the benefits of getting their newborn baby adjusted. He is not sick and he certainly doesn't have any back pain... This is true, but chiropractic is not about back pain, it is about enhancing the nerve system. During the first year of life, a person's brain develops faster than any other time. They are learning how to breathe, to see, and to do all the basic functions we all take for granted.  It makes sense to make sure that the spine is free from interference and that it has the best opportunity to function at an optimum level.

During the birth process, many babies can become misaligned in their spine. For instance, if the baby was born via a c-section, the bones in his skull did not get to be compressed then to expand properly like they would if he was born vaginally. This can affect the shape of his head and the flow of cerebral-spinal fluid. If a baby was pulled out by his head, if his head was twisted, if forceps or vacuum extraction were used, or if it was a long and stressful labor, it is important to get his spine checked for misalignments. Other reasons to get your baby checked are if he is constipated, has difficulty sleeping, has a lot of tension in his body, has colic, or has ear infections. Chiropractic boosts the immune system, relaxes the body and helps it function normally. It is an easy, non-invasive and preventative way to get your baby started off on the right foot.

An infant adjustment looks more like a massage than a traditional adjustment. Babies need so little force to move their spine that the amount of pressure used is no more than that used to check if a tomato is ripe. It is very gentle and most babies are relaxed throughout the adjustment.

Dr. Kori is highly experienced in specific techniques to adjust babies. Come in to Dr Kori - Chiropractic and get your beautiful newborn adjusted today!

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