Will I always have to get adjusted?

Posted February 1, 2016 @ 11:49am | by Kori Mortenson

Many people ask me this simple question before they come into my office: once I start going to a chiropractor am I always going to have to go?

The simple answer is that I cannot make you do anything. You are the only one who is in complete control of your health. If you choose to only go to a chiropractor once in your life, only a handful of times, or over a lifetime, that is your decision. Your decision might be different than my recommendations but no matter what you decide you are still welcome in my office.

That being said, there are two groups of people I see in my office. The first group is the group that utilizes chiropractic care to fix something. These people often view chiropractic as a band-aid or a safer version of an asprin to fix their aches and pains. They have a headache, so they get adjusted. The headache is gone so they stop getting adjusted. They have sciatica so they get adjusted. The sciatica goes away and they do not get adjusted until their sciatica returns. This easily becomes a pattern for people. When they hurt they get adjusted; if they do not hurt they don't get adjusted. This usually leads to more frequent flare-ups and often the flare-ups are worse than the time before.

The second group comes in to get their spine checked before symptoms arise. Not only does this help prevent symptoms but also allows the rest of your body (heart, lungs, eyes, ears, gut, reproductive organs, muscles, skin, etc) to function like it is supposed to. When chiropractic care is utilized over a lifetime it allows your body to function normally and better adapt to your stressors (texting, the food you eat, stress from work, sitting too long, not exercising enough, exercising too much, etc) that you encounter everyday.

I encourage all people to become a part of the second group but ultimately the choice is yours. To facilitate the possibility of being in that second group, Dr Kori - Chiropractic has chosen to offer very affordable monthly memberships. Email me for more information on those.

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