About Chiropractic - A short video about chiropractic. Excellently done explanation of chiropractic - check it out!

Your Spine and Nerve System - Video about the spine and nerve system.

Chiropractic News and Research - Video on chiropractic news and research - Life College of Chiropractic in Atlanta, GA - Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC - Garden State Chiropractic Society — National Vaccine Information Center — Chiropractic care for performing artists — Chiropractic Information — Healthy lifestyle information


Pregnancy, Birth and Child Care Resources:


Local Business Directory:

Businesses in Santa Barbara - businesses that I do business with and "Friends" of Dr Kori - Chiropractic.


Transformational Abdominal Massage; Jada Delaney 415.242.0864


Gravitas Fitness; Dani Russell, Owner 805.845.4171


Downtown Community Acupuncture; Laura Schlieske, L.Ac. 805.845.8878


Bri Velasquez; Family and Couples counceling, 805.450.0308


Ashleigh Taylor Portraits; Ashleigh Taylor Henning


Volunteer Events:

We are proud to support the Chiropractic Cancer Foundation for Children by offering free chiropractic care for children with cancer.





“"When I started with Dr. Kori I had lower back problems. Now I am so much better I have returned to activities I enjoy such as volleyball and cross country skiing." -R.A.B.”

RAB , Lower back pain

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