About Chiropractic - A short video about chiropractic. Excellently done explanation of chiropractic - check it out!

Your Spine and Nerve System - Video about the spine and nerve system.

Chiropractic News and Research - Video on chiropractic news and research - Life College of Chiropractic in Atlanta, GA - Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC - Garden State Chiropractic Society — National Vaccine Information Center — Chiropractic care for performing artists — Chiropractic Information — Healthy lifestyle information


Pregnancy, Birth and Child Care Resources:


Local Business Directory:

Businesses in Santa Barbara - businesses that I do business with and "Friends" of Dr Kori - Chiropractic.


Transformational Abdominal Massage; Jada Delaney 415.242.0864


Gravitas Fitness; Dani Russell, Owner 805.845.4171


Downtown Community Acupuncture; Laura Schlieske, L.Ac. 805.845.8878


Bri Velasquez; Family and Couples counceling, 805.450.0308


Ashleigh Taylor Portraits; Ashleigh Taylor Henning


Volunteer Events:

We are proud to support the Chiropractic Cancer Foundation for Children by offering free chiropractic care for children with cancer.





“"I have had problems with ear pain and fullness and within four sessions my ears felt better - no pain - no fullness. Chiropractic is GREAT!!"”

Kari W, Ear problems

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