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At Dr Kori – Chiropractic, we’re not afraid to be upfront with our prices. That’s because we pride ourselves in having a fee system that makes chiropractic care in Santa Barbara, CA affordable for the whole family. And best of all, no insurance is required! Choose the option that works best for your family.

1. Pay Per Visit

Not sure if a membership is right for you? No problem! Our simple per visit fee is a low flat rate no matter the nature of your appointment.

Office visit: $50 – paid at the time of service.

Wellnes Wednesday’s: Every Wednesday it’s only $30/visit (cash or check only)

2. Monthly Membership

Become a member of our Chiropractic Family and get access to all the chiropractic care you will ever need. You will get access to our chiropractic office in Santa Barbara. No need to stress about paying each visit. It’s all included! Funds are automatically debited from your bank account or charged to a credit card each month. This is by far our most popular option.

Individuals: $120/month

Family: $190/month (Family defined as up to 2 adults and children under age 18)

3. Half Year Membership

Just like the monthly membership, but pay for 6 months of care up front and get a free month.

Individual: $600

Family: $950


We will do everything we can to help you afford the care you need and want!





“"Two years ago before seeing Dr Kori, medical doctors had no explanation or cure or minimize the facial numbness I had. Since seeing Dr. Kori the numbness has minimized and I can taste spicy foods more. I'm also more flexible and have more energy! Thanks Dr. Kori" -Betty G.”

Betty G, Facial Numbness

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