Tune Up Tuesday

Tune up Tuesday (TUT) is like Santa Barbara’s First Thursday but for health. It’s an opportunity for the community to experience different healing modalities every Tuesday with the affiliated members of TUT. Currently, we offer Transformational Abdominal Massage and Chiropractic adjustments (Hours and price will vary with each member so check the links below.) Are you a practitioner who would like to get involved in improving the health of Santa Barbara residents? Just ask Jada!

Curious about chiropractic?

At Dr Kori – Chiropractic we are happy to offer Tune Up Tuesday for you to experience concentrated chiropractic care in just 5 to 10 minutes. No appointments. $30/visit cash or check only.

Chiropractic care removes interference in your nerve system – common ‘side effects’ of a better functioning nerve system are:

More energy

Better sleep

Improved immunity

Clearer thinking

Reduced medication use

Better flexibility

Improved sports performance

Fewer headaches

Reduced aches/pains

Improved sense of well-being

Hours 9am – 5pm, closed for lunch from 1-1:30pm.

735 State St, Suite 431

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“"Two years ago before seeing Dr Kori, medical doctors had no explanation or cure or minimize the facial numbness I had. Since seeing Dr. Kori the numbness has minimized and I can taste spicy foods more. I'm also more flexible and have more energy! Thanks Dr. Kori" -Betty G.”

Betty G, Facial Numbness

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