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Accepting New Practice Members!

If you've experienced great results from chiropractic care, we hope you'll share your experience with friends.  We depend upon delighted people like you to spread the word!  If you know someone you think we could help, we offer many ways of finding out more about chiropractic:

In person.  Bring your friend or family member along on your next visit.  Or encourage them to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if they're a good candidate for chiropractic care.

By mail.  Let us know, and we can send a "care package" of helpful information about chiropractic and details about our office to answer questions and address apprehensions.

By phone.  Have them give us a call (or email us).  There's no obligation and they can remain anonymous if they wish.  Informed practice members get the best results!

By Skype or iChat.  Schedule a Skype or iChat meeting to address questions about chiropractic or the office.

Online.  Easiest of all, forward a link to our website or Facebook page so they can learn what we're all about.  We know that people you like will be people we'll like too.

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“"Dr. Kori has become a vital part in keeping me injury free and able to perform at my very best for marathon and snowshoe racing. I can relax and trust that he will get my body in tip top shape for a race and help me get to the top of the podium. For anyone looking to perform at their best or for those just trying to make it one step past the finish line, I would highly recommend Dr. Kori for your chiropractic needs." -Kelly Mortenson, 12th place 2000 Olympic Marathon Trials and 2:19 marathoner”

Kelly Mortenson,

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