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Chaos and Dis-order

Why is it that kids' rooms always seem to be messy, even one day after they have been cleaned? "Clean your room" may be the national mantra of parents.  Of course, as adults we are usually no better.  Clutter and disorganization is the ruination of many a happy home or office and in the long run probably a greater thief of time than keeping things orderly.

For those of you with a similar problem, take heart.  It is not your fault; it is the result of a scientific law: The Second Law of Thermodynamics.  It says that all processes manifest a tendency toward decay and disintegration.  This results in a net increase in what is called entropy or a state of randomness or disorder of the system.  In other words, things just naturally fall apart, break down and become organized.  That is the natural bent of desktops, children's rooms, cars, home appliances, flower gardens and the human body.  We even describe it as we get older in terms like "my body is falling apart."

So what is the anwser to messy rooms and a chaotic universe?  We know the cure for the messy room or cluttered desk is intelligent action, organizing things, filing away papers (where they can be found when needed) and putting the toys and dirty clothes where they belong.  That is the only answer.  Even better is intelligent action on a continuous basis.  When the mail comes in, you go through it, recycle what you don't want, act on what needs your attention and file away what you want to keep.  Have the children pick up their toys and put them away when they are done playing with them.  Fold and put away laundry in a timely manner.  A continuous intelligent effort is the answer to clutter.

Similarly, a continuous intelligent action is necessary to keep this world in an organized state.  When it comes to living organisms in general, and human beings in particular, chiropractors call that continuous intelligent action the innate intelligence of the body.  It is responsible for every physiological function in the body from digesting breakfast to making brain cells.  When there is an interruption of continuous intelligent action in the body we say the body is in a state of dis-order or in-coordination or dis-harmony.  Sometimes the lack of intelligent action manifests certain symptoms which medical doctors describe as disease.  Often it demonstrates no perceptible manifestation, no more than that one letter sitting on the desk which should have been filed.

Due to the complexity of the human body continuous intelligent action necessitates a properly functioning nerve system.  When a vertebra misaligns in such a way that it interferes with the nerve system (subluxation) there is dis-order in the body.  Without any attention from the innate intelligence, the human body disintegrates back to the dust from which it came.  Without the full attention of the innate intelligence (because of vertebral subluxation), the body will begin to move faster and faster toward a state of cellular chaos and ultimate dis-order.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics will get us all in the end.  It is a law.  However, keeping your spine as subluxation free as possible can reduce the effects of that law.  Have your spine checked regularly.

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