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Chiropractic - A Great Idea at Any Age

You don't have to be very old at all to know that as we age, strange things start to happen.  It starts in our teens and continues in our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.  Maybe it's hair growth, the constant urge to go to the bathroom, or night sweats.  Whatever it is, it's probably not as strange as it would seem, and you're definitely not the only one who is experiencing it.

In Your Teens  Besides growing, most people notice the first significant changes to their bodies in their teens.  In preparation for full maturity, the body begins to produce new chemicals (hormones), which lead to hair growth, pimples, and body odor.  Because these changes can be embarrassing, kids don't typically talk about them, but they happen to virtually everyone and are a natural part of growing up.

In Your 20s  With hormone production in full swing, most people become sexually active and in their 20s they experience the consequences of that.  Being a very personal matter, most people do not discuss the changes they notice in their bodies at this time, but again most of the things that occur are completely natural or are easily explained by a body attempting to adapt to its environment and function optimally.

In Your 30s  For most people, this time of life is characterized by an enormous increase in responsibilities.  This  is when most people have married, started a family, bought a house, and have a job that keeps them from enjoying any of that.  All of this responsibility means less time to take care of yourself (you know eat well, sleep more, go to the gym, and see your chiropractor) and increased stress levels.  This is when flexibility, strength, and metabolism all begin to take a nosedive, and when things like headaches, digestive system disturbances, and fatigue start to appear more frequently.  It is rare that anyone talks about these things because they don't want to sound like "they're getting old."  Again, all of these things occur as the body attempts to adapt to its environment and function optimally.

In Your 40s  At this stage of the game, many Americans start consuming drugs on a regular basis.  A 2008 survey showed that 51% of all Americans take at least one prescription drug, with one in six taking three or more medications.  Use of course increases with age and it is around this time that many start prescriptions nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, blood glucose/sugar regulators, and blood pressure or cholesterol lowering drugs.  Whether changes in the body that lead people to take drugs at this point are natural or not is controversial, but changes in the body as it tries to adapt to the ingestion of drugs certainly is normal, even if undersirable.

In Your 50s  With years of less than optimal body function, and now possibly prolonged drug use, this decade is characterized by the occurrence of cancer, especially prostate and colon cancer but all other types as well.  Also, for women, this time of life brings yet another change in hormone production (i.e., menopause).  At this point, however, almost everyone is talking about the things that are happening in their body but not usually with a smile on their face.  Again, these things occur as the body adapts to its environment and attempts to function at its best.

In Your 60s  Sadly, at this point five out of six people are taking at least one prescription medication and almost half are taking three or more.  Chronic diseases including diabetes and lung issues may develop at this stage, and the risk of stroke and heart disease increase with the aging of the arteries.  Like it or not, this too is a natural outcome of choices people have made in their lives over time.  It is not uncommon to hear people say at this point, "I'm not getting any younger."

In Your 70s Bone and joint complaints including arthritis and osteoporosis became more prevalent in this decade.  Unfortunately, wear and tear on the body over time leads to degeneration, especially when the body has been in poor alignment.  The body is limited by the matter that makes it up and it cannot be more than sum of the experiences it has had.

In Your 80s  Alzheimer's and other types of dementia become more common in this decade.  While antidepressant use is at an all time high (for all ages 18 yrs and up), usage is very high in seniors (33% of females and 25% of males in the last 6 months of life).  Mental capacity is largely controlled by chemicals and is often why chemicals are used to correct the situation.  Just as chemicals control the function and appearance of the body at the beginning of life, they also control its function at the end.

Because chiropractic works with what is right in the body as opposed to what is wrong, it is a smart and important addition to your routine no matter your age.

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