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Chiropractic and Learning

by Chris Thornell, DC

Have you ever stopped to realize how dependent we are on our nerve system?  Everything we do in a day depends on the nerve system, from breathing, to moving, to driving a car, doing our job requirements, thinking, even sleeping depends on the nerve system.  There is research today showing that the nerve system is integrally involved in every single bodily function - even learning.

In order for us to learn anything we have to take information from our environment and get it into our brain to be processed.  To learn something is hot we use touch.  To learn a new sound we listen.  To learn a new color we use vision and so on and so on.  All of our senses are merely receptors for our nerve system to gather information, then the nerve system must accurately transmit that information to the brain.  The brain can only learn what the nerve system tells it.

Imagine if we have interference in the nerve system that distorts information coming into the brain.  We may actually be giving the brain distorted information and the brain learns it.  So now when we ask the brain to use that information.. it gives us distorted information back out.  In computer terms they say, "garbage in - garbage out."  We can only get as clear and correct information from our brain as we put in.

If a child has subluxation (nerve interference) and everything they learn is a little distorted their test scores will look a little distorted as well.  In order to learn things properly we must have a nerve system that is free of interference to make the most of our learning experiences.

Think of the consequences beyond the classroom.  If everything you learn about relationships is distorted, how successful do you think your relationships will be?  If everything you or your children learn about life is distorted, even a little, what kind of life do you think you or your children will experience? ..certainly not all that it should be.

My thoughts are clear and free of interference when it comes to this fact: Every second of every day you depend on your nerve system, so take care of it like your life depends on it.. it does!  And please continue to tell others about the life altering benefits of chiropractic.

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