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By now we realize that we can not measure our health by how we feel.  It is possible for an unhealthy person to feel “good” and it is also possible for a healthy person to feel “bad.”  If we can not measure our health by how we feel, how do we know if we are healthy?  The best way to know we are healthy is by doing those things that are necessary to keep the body functioning properly.  Health truly is how well the body functions.  If the body is functioning properly it is able to fight and resist diseases better, recover from illness better and in general, do EVERYTHING better.  Only if the body is functioning poorly, when there is a lack of health, can sickness and disease be present.  Of course, the complete lack of or absence of function is death.

As you can see we must do as many things as possible to ensure our health, and our families’ health, regardless of how we feel.  If our goal was to reach a certain weight, we would be conscious of what we eat, and of course we would exercise.  Once we reach our desired weight, we would continue to eat properly and maintain an exercise program.  If we did not what would happen?  The same can be said of our health.  Just like our weight, our health is directly related to what we do.  To ensure the best health for you and your family, you must get the proper amount of rest, exercise and nutrition.  One important factor that is often overlooked is chiropractic.  By correcting vertebral subluxations, chiropractic directly improves function therefore improving health (health = how well you body works).  It is important to recognize the fact that when health (function) is partially lost, symptoms may not develop for days, weeks, months, years or never at all.  If the heart lost 25% of its ability to function it might be years before the first chest pain or high blood pressure occurred, all the while damage was being done.  If the heart gradually lost its function over time, due to a vertebral subluxation or another cause, the first symptom could be a fatal heart attack.


We all have a certain potential for life.  Some excel artistically, musically, or athletically and others academically.  Regardless of what we excel in, we all have the potential within us to be happier and healthier.  Our potential is met by our bodies being able to function at their maximum capacity.  We may have the potential to live to 100 years old, but if our body is not functioning well now, we will never reach that potential.  Chiropractic helps you reach your full potential by allowing your body to work closer to its maximum capacity.  Chiropractic enables your body to function free from the limiting interference caused by vertebral subluxations.  Vertebral subluxations cause damage to the body, but they don’t have to.


Whether it is performance on the golf course or in the classroom, a body that is able to function properly ALWAYS performs better than a body that can not function properly.  Whether you are concerned about your ability to perform as a parent, a teacher, a lawyer, a friend, an actor or a couch potato, your performance can be greatly hampered by vertebral subluxations.  Optimum performance is necessary for your children to learn as well as their ability to develop, live and survive.  Academic performance can be measured with grades but decreased cardiovascular (heart) performance may not be noticeable until too late.  Give yourself and your family every opportunity to perform as well as possible, in school, in sports, in health, in life!

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“"I am a professional tango dancer and teacher and I received chiropractic care most of my dancing life. I have so many old injuries in my body and need to see chiropractors quite often to be in good shape for my dance. Kori has been very helpful with his adjustments and took me out of pain in many of those very difficult days when you think nothing else will work. I am very thankful for his generosity, his patience and his good hands on my healing journey." -Florencia Taccetti”

Florencia Taccetti, Tango

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