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Kids and Chiropractic

How often have you heard people say, "One day I felt fine, and then the next day I was just..."?  Probably enough that you do not even recognize the absolute absurdity of that statement.  Except for severe traumas, such as car accidents, major falls, gunshot wounds, poisoning, etc., people do not suddenly become ill.  Disease does not occur spontaneously.  Small traumas, long-term abuse and negligence, through unnoticeable at first, take their toll on the body over a period of time.  By the time the first symptoms appear, the body has already been malfunctioning for some period of time - often years.

This is the primary reason to have children under regular chiropractic care.  Studies have shown that 80% of children receive their first subluxation during the birth process.  Many of them will go 20, 30, or 40 years or possibly the rest of their lives with that interference in their nerve system.  Even those who are not subluxated upon birth will have a variety of stresses put upon their spines as they grow.  How many times does a child fall while he or she is learning to walk?  And after they learn to walk, don't they run, skip, stomp, jump, and hop?  Don't they fall out of bed, fall out of trees, fall off their bikes, fight with their brothers and sisters, stand on their heads, play football, basketball, hockey, dance, gymnastics, and on and on?

Any one of these things is enough to cause a subluxation.  Left uncorrected, these will also begin to take their toll on the body.  Lowering the ability of the body to be well will make it less able to concentrate, less able to fight off disease, less able to coordinate and harmonize, less able to make the food that is eaten into usable form, and less able to clean the blood of toxins.  It will make it less able to make the proper chemicals in the proper amount to control all the body's functions, and less able to be strong, flexible and healthy.

It is important to note that the mechanism that originally brought two cells together and created the miracle that is you is still at work in you as it is in every other living being.  It continually creates new tissue and maintains you in existence.  The very mechanism by which we are able to be well is the same mechanism at work in the child.  It is no less effective in the child than it is in the adult.  Therefore, if it is important for you to be adjusted to remove interference in your nerve system, isn't it equally important to have your children checked for the same interference?

Many people are concerned about the forcefulness of an adjustment for a growing child.  That would be a legitimate concern if all persons received the same adjustment.  Thankfully, they do not.  Each person is adjusted according to their age, their size, their health condition and their subluxations.  Men may not be adjusted the same as women, the same as children, the same as older people, the same as tall, or short people, or a mother-to-be.  Not two adjustments on the same person are even necessarily the same, let alone on two different people.  Children, on the whole, require far less force than adults, mostly because time and the results of abuse and negligence have not yet taken their toll.  Who better than children to be under regular chiropractic care?  Who could profit more than those who have not yet developed problems?

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“"I had adjustments regularly while I was pregnant and I felt great throughout my whole pregnancy. My back felt good and never hurt - even with working on my feet for 12 hour shifts as a nurse! I could tell chiropractic helped me feel great!" -Sarah K.”

Sarah K, Pregnancy and Chiropractic

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