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My Changing Views on Health and Wellness by Kori Mortenson, DC


Learning opportunity #1:

My views of health began in the year 1972 soon after my birth, I went through a little procedure (no pun intended) called a circumcision.  From this I learned that I wasn't created perfectly after all.

Major Stress #1:

September 13, 1973 (1year 2 months old)

I was learning how not to fall and pulled a chair over myself at my grandparents knocking out one of my front teeth.  In hindsight this may have been the cause of some of my future symptoms (more on that soon).

Learning opportunity #2:

Around the age of 2-3, I had reoccurring bouts of ear infections.  I was given anti-biotics (which I later learned literally means anti life).  What I learned from this is that my body lacked the resources to deal with life.  I needed something from outside myself to make me better.  I can say the same thing about the vaccinations I was given when I was months old but I'm a slow learner.

Major Stress #2:

In the neighborhood I grew up in there was a hill that I would ride down on my bike.  One day I was feeling brave and decided to ride down hands-free.  About half way down there is a manhole cover that is below the grade of the surrounding pavement.  When I hit the dip, I lost control of my bike and crashed (oh, I should add when I grew up bike helmets weren't in vogue).  I ended up unconscious, with a large bump on my head and a trip to the medical clinic.

Learning opportunity #3:

In elementary school, I remember waking up with a fever.  My mom would feel my forehead or take my temperature and say I'd get to stay home from school because I was sick.  As a result of this I learned that having symptoms meant I was sick (and I got to stay home from school) and if I didn't have symptoms I must be healthy.

Learning opportunity #4:

Also in elementary school, my throat hurt especially when I swallowed.  This warranted a visit to the medical doctor.  He said that my tonsils were red and swollen - I hade to have my tonsils taken out.  What I learned from this experience is that I must have extra parts and I needed surgical intervention to get rid of them.

Learning opportunity #5:

For as long as I can remember until I was in college I suffered with terrible headaches.  The debilitating kind that pounded for hours, I was sensitive to light and motion (many times I would vomit).  To remedy this I would take Advil or Tylenol and lay down.  What I learned fro this is that health must come from the outside-in in the form of pills.


When I was around 21 years old my views on life and health took a dramatic turn.  I had enrolled in chiropractic school on the recommendation of my college advisor - up to this point I hadn't been to one.  I was taking a few classes at Normandale Community College needed to enter chiropractic school.   What follows I'll remember forever - I was in chemistry lab.  For some reason I had severe low back pain.  My lab partner who worked at a chiropractor's office suggested I see her doctor, Gary Pennebaker, DC.  The experience solidified my decision to become a chiropractor and set me down the path to these new views on health and life.

1. Health doesn't come from the outside-in.  It comes from the inside-out.  Your body knows how to heal a cut, mend a broken bone, and kill microorganisms that invade it.

2. We aren't born with extra parts.  Everything we started out with we need for some purpose.  Yes, we can survive without some of them but having everything is better.

3. The presence of symptoms does not mean that you're sick.  Symptoms are a good thing - they are a warning sign that something isn't going right with the body.  In the case of fever, vomit and diarrhea they are the body attempting to get rid of toxic invaders to the body.  Covering up symptoms can lead to bigger problems in the future.

*some liberties have been taken in the writing of this article to make a point - not all of the surgical interventions have happened to me. :)  ..but they are very common occurances.

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“"When I started with Dr. Kori I had lower back problems. Now I am so much better I have returned to activities I enjoy such as volleyball and cross country skiing." -R.A.B.”

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