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Art and Music (which is art too):

People have been asking my where the art has come from and what I'm listening to in the office.  Here's some information on those subjects.

The art is from  Someone recently called it the "blackhole of time", I would agree.  There is a lot of cool stuff to be seen there.  My suggestion is to find a few vendors you like and favorite them.  After that, Etsy will recommend other vendors which are similar to what you already like.

The big piece of art is from my friend Heide Marie Woodworth.  The piece is actually for sale.  If you're interested make an offer.  Heide can be contacted through her blog which you can find HERE to make her an offer or to requisition a piece for yourself.

As for the music, I primarily listen to Pandora internet radio the stations I've created and listen to the most are The Shins, The Smiths, and The Bird and the Bee.  I also listen to iTunes Radio - primarily KCRW's stream which is found under the Eclectic tab.  KCRW is a public radio station out of Santa Monica, CA. Or check them out HERE

Open hours - if you've been in before just drop in during these hours for your adjustment

Monday - 8:30 -noon and 3-6pm

Tuesday - 3:00 - 6:00pm

Wednesday - 8:30 - noon and 3-6pm

Thursday - 3:00 - 6:00pm

Friday - 8:30 - noon

Call 612-721-8926.


Forms of payment: cash, check, VISA, Mastercard.


Options for care:

Pay per visit - $30/person/visit


Unlimited chiropractic visits for as low as $75 per month!

I think that about wraps up the changes I wanted to touch on.  Please check this page often as I will be updating the changes in the office here.

Yours for the Best in ALL of Us,


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“"Dr. Kori has become a vital part in keeping me injury free and able to perform at my very best for marathon and snowshoe racing. I can relax and trust that he will get my body in tip top shape for a race and help me get to the top of the podium. For anyone looking to perform at their best or for those just trying to make it one step past the finish line, I would highly recommend Dr. Kori for your chiropractic needs." -Kelly Mortenson, 12th place 2000 Olympic Marathon Trials and 2:19 marathoner”

Kelly Mortenson,

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