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The Edge of the Cliff

The essential meaning of the holiday season is the recognition of a power greater than ourselves; the power that creates, that loves, that heals - the god within which is timeless, boundless and omipotent.

One of the greatest dichotomies of our time is that millions flock to pray to this intangible force one day of the week but for the rest of the week, especially in the healing process, it appears most people prefer to put their trust in a bottle of medicine.

Even more ironic is the fact that we spend our entire life praying to the maker but when it's time to leave this plane, nobody wants to go.

Perhaps the time has come to apply our Sunday beliefs to our everyday lives.  The power that created the body is the only power that heals the body.  However, to experience this reality we must go to the edge of the cliff and relinquish the fear that prevents us from trusting and letting go.

As the French poet Guillaume Apolinaire wrote:

"Come to the edge; no we will fall

Come to the edge; no we will fall

They came to the edge;

He pushed them and they flew!"

Total trust is one of the most powerful forces in the world.  The physiology of trust is a wide departure from the one of fear.  The immune response to trust is greatly different than the one from fear.  As Candice Pert, PhD stated in her book the "Mollecules of Emotion", every thought, word, emotion, belief and feeling is an actual chemical reaction experienced in every cell of our being.

Chiropractic works to allow the Innate Intelligence of the human body to do its work without interferences caused by spinal blockages.  It is based on trusting the inborn power that created us from one fertilized ovum.  Chiropractic seeks to restore trust within and trust without.  It is a natural philosophy of health and life that embraces the natural healing capacity of the living beings.  Total trust is at the core of this philosophy.

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“"I have had problems with ear pain and fullness and within four sessions my ears felt better - no pain - no fullness. Chiropractic is GREAT!!"”

Kari W, Ear problems

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