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Time to Upgrade

People have funny attitudes about their health care, or, more correctly, what they perceive as "health care."  (Do you??)  Health care should help you get healthier, right?  What if you were in a system that had little to nothing to do with that.. getting you healthier?  Hey, a name, a phrase, could be misleading, tomake it more palatable.  How about the term, "life insurance?"  Dispite the name, it insures you (actually your family) against death, not life.

Medicine is, by definition, the diagnosis (the process of naming) and treatment (the process of attacking that disease entity which has been named) of disease.  There is nothing here (within medicine) that actually promotes your health.  You might say, "What about prevention, like mammograms, prostate checks, colonoscopies?"  All of these things are truely "early detection" (finding that you are already sick).  Nothing here prevents disease, let alone promotes health.  "What about the blood pressure and cholesterol drugs, and blood thinners, that my doctor prescribes for me, to prevent heart attack and stroke?"  Really?  How come people still get heart attacks and strokes, to the same degree, if not more?  And, should drugs be taken on a daily basis, like nutritional supplements?  Do they serve the same function?  Issues to consider.

TIME TO UPGRADE?  How about upgrading your expectations, from the maintenance of disease, to the attainment of better health?  Perhaps you have been told that you have one or more chronic diseases and/or "risk factors," that must be treated for the rest of your life.. no change of improvement.. you are just in a state of pharmaceutical maintenance, hoping that the disease process itself, or side effects of the drugs, do not break through to further sicken you or kill you.  You are maintained under laboratory standards imposed by the pharmaceutical industry, standards which may not be relevant to your personal health.  Symptoms.. effects.. are being covered up.  The cause  is not even addressed.  You need a whole new system.  That system is chiropractic.

TIME TO UPGRADE?  Under the medical system, over the last few decades, people have gotten used to almost everything being "covered."  What has happened, during the course of this transition, is that your medical care is, to a great extent, determined by clerks in managed care corporations.  If the government takes control of health care (disease care, really), your care will be determined by one step even lower, government clerks, under politicians who will promise you everything, and give you nothing.  (Want a glimpse into the future?  Government now runs Medicare.  What a mess!  And, the VA system, which the government has been running since, I believe, the Civil War, it truly a disgrace.)  Your doctor is no longer in charge.  Besides, what little jiggle room he or she has is grossly influenced by the pharmaceutical giants.  Under the current and crumbling system, beside that it doesn't work, scientifically.  Clinically, you are a mere number.  Your doctor is a mere "provider."  You deserve better.  Here, you get something better.  You are actually regarded as an individual, a very important individual.. a Member of my practice.

TIME TO UPGRADE:  If you just go to a chiropractor "when you need it" (when you are in pain), you are missing out on so much.  Besides, Advil is cheaper.  (No, I am not recommending Advil.)  Time to upgrade.  Time to see a chiropractor who is serious about your well-being and vitality.  I am dealing with your nerve system, your health, your life.  I take this responsibility very seriously.

TIME TO UPGRADE:  You seek quality in other areas of your life, you home, your car, your vacations, your electronics, the education of your children.  Doesn't health have a place here?  You can cover up symptoms, or just control constant sick states (chronic disease), while accepting the common excuses.  You can just hope that "nothing will show up" on your next physical.  Or, you can choose to take a stand, to take an active role in your current and future health, for you and your family.  Choose wisely.  Choose quality, choose chiropractic.  Yes, it is TIME TO UPGRADE.

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“"Two years ago before seeing Dr Kori, medical doctors had no explanation or cure or minimize the facial numbness I had. Since seeing Dr. Kori the numbness has minimized and I can taste spicy foods more. I'm also more flexible and have more energy! Thanks Dr. Kori" -Betty G.”

Betty G, Facial Numbness

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