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Tune Your Nerve System and Fine-tune Your Perfomance!

What is chiropractic?

In a word, alignment.  But why do I need to be aligned?

We abuse our bodies in all kinds of crazy ways - from contortions in the practice room to slouching over textbooks and computer screens.  These small daily transgressions build up and eventually start causing problems - whether chronic pain or simply the disadvantage of not having your body operating at peak performance.

Why would a musician need chiropractic?

Playing an instrument or singing is a total-body, kinesthetic experience.  If you're a singer, your body is your instrument; if you're an instrumentalist, your body is an extension of your instrument.  Like an athlete, your performance is affected by how you feel all over.

Body and nerve system alignment affects your breath flow, muscular function and dexterity.  A chiropractic adjustment fine-tunes your spine and nerve system like the string of a violin

What happens in a chiropractic appointment?

It's pretty simple: after filling out a basic patient history, you lay on my table (fully clothed) where I gently feel the muscles surrounding your spine.  The tensions I find tell me where your body is physically over-compensating.  I adjust these places with a very focused release of tension, which often makes a cracking or popping sound.  Then your own body takes over the rest of the work by gradually readjusting its muscle function to its healthy, intended and efficient state!

In a matter of minutes, you're on your way to improvement.

How often should I see a chiropractor?

Everyone is different.  Some people visit from time to time when they feel they need an adjustment.  Others prefer to stay on top of their game with regular appointments to keep them operating at their peak.

Aligning your spine isn't just for your back and neck.  It affects your whole body.

What can I expect to happen after my appointment?

Some people notice immediate changes, others need time for their body to gradually self-heal after years of abuse.

An alignment is a little like pushing the "reset" button - it puts things back where they're supposed to be.  Then your muscles have to give up their previously misdirected functions and readjust to working efficiently again.  Sometimes your body can accomplish this almost immediately.  Other times, it's a process of adjustment while your body readapts.  Old habits of misuse can die hard!

When should I see a chiropractor?  Right before my next concert?

Um, no.  Chiropractic should be seen as corrective and preventative care.  While an adjustment before a concert may help people feel their best, chiropractic should be seen as a support to other methods of correct body use/awareness and used as a tool to get you performing at your peak every day in the practice room.  If you instill good habits of use and check in with a chiropractor regularly to keep you in alignment, you will have the confidence of knowing and feeling that your body is already performing at its peak by the time that concert or audition rolls around.

Is chiropractic expensive?

A single office visit/adjustment with Dr. Kori is $40.  Unlimited monthly plans start as low as $75 for an individual, or $150 for a family.


If you don't have the chops to play In moto perpetuo I'm afraid I can't make that happen.  But I CAN help you achieve your full potential by getting your body in peak condition to practice and perform well.

How well can you play or sing?  It's up to you to find out!

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“"Dr. Kori has helped reduce headaches and back/neck pain which makes me one very happy, healthy camper! Thanks Dr. Kori." -Amy S.”

Amy S, Headaches and back pain

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