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What Are We Selling?

In a sense, everyone is selling something.  It may be a product like a vacuum cleaner or refrigerator or it may be a service like painting your house or repairing your car.  As a consumer, and we all are consumers in one way or another, we must decide whether we want or need a particular product or service and of course whether we can afford it or not.  It is usually quite simple to know what the product or service is that you are being offered - that's part of what advertising is all about.  Often, it is not as easy to determine whether you want or need a product or service.  Some very attractive advertising may also be misleading and can often be high pressured.  Eventually we must decide for ourselves whether or not we need/want the product.  Lastly, the hardest part is deciding whether we can afford it or not.  The amount of debt people are carrying today and the number of personal bankruptcies would indicate that far too many people are purchasing products or services they really cannot afford (not to mention, probably do not need).

So what is the chiropractor selling, do you need it, and can your afford it?  Well, first you must understand that he or she is not selling a service that you can receive anywhere else in the world.  You can find treatments for back pain or relief from musculoskeletal conditions or alleviation of your disease in many places.  If chiropractors were selling an alternative to some other type of care we would just have to convince you that it was a superior service and/or it was more affordable.  Sometimes the product or service that you are considering appears to be tangible yet its true value is far beyond the immediate or tangible.  Let's take orthodontics for example.  If you were to ask someone what the orthodontist is selling the response would likely be straight teeth.  While that seems liek the service, it really is not.  He is really selling you a future.  When parents have braces put on their child, it is for a future of straight teeth and a pretty smile.  The parent believes that the child will be more attractive with straight teeth.  They will have more self-confidence, a better appearance, get a better job, have a better social life and hopefully find the perfect mate.  All of that by just straightening teeth!

So what is the chiropractor selling?  Like the orthodontist, it would seem at first glance to be a straight spine, putting the bones back in place and possibly getting rid of an ache or pain.  But that misses the true purpose and value of chiropractic.  By "putting the bones back in place" the chiropractor is removing an interference to the proper function of the nerve system, which has far-reaching ramifications, more than just feeling better.  When the nerve sytem is free of interference caused by vertebral subluxations, your body can work closer to its full potential.  That means you can be more like you were meant to be.  Everything else being equal, you will live longer, get sick less often, and work, sleep and play better.  In fact, just about every aspect of your life will benefit from a clear nerve system.

But there is a difference between chiropractic and orthodontics.  Not having straight teeth is not such a horrible thing.  People live happy, productive, fulfilled lives with crooked teeth.  (A guy who will not marry a girl because she has crooked teeth seems to me to be a pretty shallow person.)  However, with nerve interference in your spine, your cells are dying, your body is breaking down, your tendency toward and likelihood of sickness and an early death is increased.  That is a pretty serious matter.  What we are selling in chiropractic is the opportunity to have a longer, healthier life.  It seems that everybody would want that "product/service."  The only question left is can you afford chiropractic?  Or, more important, can you afford to NOT avail yourself of it?

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“"When I started with Dr. Kori I had lower back problems. Now I am so much better I have returned to activities I enjoy such as volleyball and cross country skiing." -R.A.B.”

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