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Here is what I know.  Each one of you is miraculous, beautiful, and full of creativity beyond compare to anyone else.  You are a unique and finely tuned machine that beats to the rhythm of your own soul.  Everyday someone asks if chiropractic can help this or that.  Truly I don't know.  But because there is a solid philosophical foundation that supports the chiropractic adjustment and I have watched the results of this philosophy play out again and again, I know human beings are better off unsubluxated.  People feel better.  They feel different.  Their hope and health are restored.  The changes that I have watched people make in fulfilling not only the promise, but the potential of their life, are beyond clinical measure.  Whether it is being able to go back to work, have a child, change careers or follow a dream; these things fill my heart.  These changes cannot be graphed, put into a test tube, shaken or stirred.  Life isn't a martini, although there are days when we all want one!  I know that the chiropractic adjustment always works.  Your body may not "heal on demand" in the areas you so desire, but that's life.  Waiting for that one outcome denies that your nerve system effects all of you, not merely the parts that are screaming for attention.  I know in my heart and soul that everyone on the planet is better off with a clear and flexible nerve system.  Getting cancer does not stop you from drinking water or eating good foods, nor should it preclude you from continuing to have your spine free of interference.  Life has a very funny way of making us feel discombobulated and disconnected.  It holds nothing back when it seeks to hold a mirror up to our mask, then show us the doorway to our truth.  We are parts that are held together by a magnificent life force that flows from Above, Down, Inside Out.  To not acknowledge this is to ignore your spirit.  And to think that we don't want to be "addicted" to something that improves our health and well being.  It boggles the mind.

Here is what else I know.  I happen to be very fortunate to be able to spend the days of my life doing what I love.  While I would not go to jail for insurance fraud, I would go to jail if someone tried to stop me from sharing the principles of chiropractic and the chiropractic adjustment itself.  The principles are sound, the purpose is pure.  Life is better without interference.  The best that I have to offer you is a healthy, flexible nerve system to set the tone and compliment all the other things you do to enhance and support your life.  Do you understand that this isn't about back pain but rather it is about  your life?

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“"I have had problems with ear pain and fullness and within four sessions my ears felt better - no pain - no fullness. Chiropractic is GREAT!!"”

Kari W, Ear problems

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