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What If?

At one time or another most of us have played the "What If" game.  It is usually associated with an unpleasant circumstance or an unpleasant situation.  "What if I had said such and such to that person?"  Would things be different?  "What if I did not say what I did?"  Often we ask these questions after some sort of tragedy, especially when there is a series of events that led up to the tragedy.  If any one of them took a different course the outcome might have been different.  The movie about the Titanic is a perfect example.  What if they had not been going so fast?  What if the lookouts had binoculars?  What if they had seen the iceberg sooner and been able to turn in time?  If any one factor had been different, the disaster might have been avoided.

Playing the "what if" game is not very productive.  It usually leads to resentment, frustration and blaming onself for circumstances that may very well be out of your control.  There is, however, a beneficial way of playing the game of "what if" that may have an important impact on your life.  Play the "what if" game before the fact.  Instead of saying, "what if I had applied myself in school and had gone to college" when you are 50, how about saying it when you are fifteen.  Instead of saying "what if I had saved 5% of my paycheck for retirement" at age 65, you say it at 25... and do it!

What changes we could make in our lives.  One of the great, untapped resources in this country is our senior citizens.  They possess great wisdom and experiences.  Some of that wisdom may very well be in the "what if" category.  I recently heard an older gentleman make a statement which is a variation of what if.  He lamented "if I had known I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of myself."  With that understanding let us look at some of the "what ifs" concerning our life and health.

What if every time a fast food server says, "do you want to super size that?" you said no?  What if instead of sitting down and watching television with a bag of chips and a coke, you took a walk with a bottle of water?  What if you did not eat the entire meal at a restaurant and instead brought half of it home for the next day?  You would save on your food bill and also keep your waistline from growing.  What if you joined a health club (and went) instead of putting the money into cable television?  What if you went to bed one hour earlier each night?  What if you read a good book for half an hour before bed instead of watching the news with all its murder, robbery and kidnapping?

Here's a big what if.  What if you went to the chiropractor on a regular basis, not just when you had a problem?  Perhaps not only would you never have the problem, but other areas of your health might improve rather than deteriorate.  Maybe even other aspects of your life would change, like your energy levels, your performance, your productivity and/or your attitudes.  What if your spouse, your children, your parents, your other relatives and your friends were under regular chiropractic care?

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“"I had adjustments regularly while I was pregnant and I felt great throughout my whole pregnancy. My back felt good and never hurt - even with working on my feet for 12 hour shifts as a nurse! I could tell chiropractic helped me feel great!" -Sarah K.”

Sarah K, Pregnancy and Chiropractic

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