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What is True Health?

from The Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education

What makes us healthy?

One million Americans die annually of cardiovascular disease.  That statistic is enough to scare most American males.  The fear of heart disease has caused men to take up jogging, but then we see men who jog regularly die of heart attacks while out running.  We are told that cholesterol leads to heart attacks and everyone should eat unsaturated fats.  But a few years ago it was discovered that cholesterol is a normal, natural substance found within the body and that if you don't take in cholesterol, your body will manufacture it!  The fact is that there are two component parts of cholesterol, high density (HDL) and low density lipoproteins (LDL).  When these two components parts are in a proper balance, you are healthy.  When they are not, you are not healthy.  It is not so much what you eat, but what your body does about what you eat.  We are not excusing bad eating habits, but more important than what you eat is how your body is able to metabolize it.

Exercise is important and good for you, but it seems that even running ten miles a day for years is not going to make an unhealthy heart healthy.  Does that mean we should all stop running?  Of course not!  It just seems that all the exercise advocates, all the physicians, all the natural living proponents, all those involved with improving dietary habits, are missing a piece of the puzzle.  Perhaps one of these days people will begin to realize that true health involves all of the above and more.  Some people cannot see the forest because of their own particular tree.  Conversely, there are some who think they are the authorities or experts in every area.  They are just as much a danger to people who want to experience true health.

So what's the answer?

Chiropractic takes a different approach than both other groups.  We recognize that there are many aspects of health and we are experts in only one - correcting vertebral subluxations so that the nerve system is working properly.  We are one of the few groups of health care professionals who recognize that individual people are ultimately responsible for their own health.  No one can nullify that responsibility.  If you want to learn from or get advice from an expert in diet, exercise, etc., that's fine.  You must realize, however, that you make the ultimate decision.  Chiropractic involves another person's expertise simply because anatomically it is impossible for you to correct your own subluxations.  However, in almost every other area, you must become the expert.  For only you can determine your individual body needs.  Unless people are willing to do that, true health will never result.

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