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Why Does Everyone Need Chiropractic Care?

Because Everyone Deals With Stress.

Our bodies deal with and adapt to stress every day of our lives, from the day we are born to the day we leave this world.  Stress comes in many forms.  Physical trauma, poor diet and emotional stresses are some of the more obvious forms.  Every one of these forms of stress is a detriment to our expression of Life.  We deal with stress through body-function, which is controlled and coordinated by the nerve system.

The nerve system is made up of the brain, spinal cord and the extending network of nerves that branch out and touch every single cell in the human body.  The brain and body are in constant communcation with each other.  This communication and resulting body-function is our expression of Life.  Therefore, there is only one way our body can function properly and express Life to the fullest.. by maintaining a nerve system that is free of interference.

One way stress can manifest itself in our bodies is by forming vertebral subluxations.  A vertebral subluxation is a misalignment of a vertebrae, putting pressure on the spinal cord and interfering with the communication between the brain and the body.  When the communication between the brain and the body is interfered with it is impossible for the body to function properly, diminishing our expression of Life.

When these vertebral subluxations first occur, which could be the day we are born or any day after, we don't feel them.  As a result, the only way to be sure we are subluxation free is by getting our spines checked on a regular and consistent basis, ensuring a greater Quality and Quantity of Life.  This is why weekly care is recommended for you and your family!

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“"Two years ago before seeing Dr Kori, medical doctors had no explanation or cure or minimize the facial numbness I had. Since seeing Dr. Kori the numbness has minimized and I can taste spicy foods more. I'm also more flexible and have more energy! Thanks Dr. Kori" -Betty G.”

Betty G, Facial Numbness

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